Nina Smalls brings you A Writer's Haven
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About Nina Smalls
Nina  Smalls is a world renowned novelist and poet. She grew up at the Haven, often spending her childhood days wandering the shores. It was in this area that she wrote her first short story and started on the path to success. 

She left the area to explore the world, spending the years travelling across Europe, which is where she met Joseph,who would later become the Haven's master chef. 

Since finishing her masterpiece, Lost on the Shores, she has used her time to nurture fellow and aspiring writers. She left a teaching position at Cabner University ten years ago in order to found the Haven.

Nina has always dreamed of creating a writer's retreat with no pressure and the freedom to fully explore all aspects of an individual's writing process. Bringing her family in tow, they brought the Haven to the public.

Since' the Haven's inception, Nina has branched out to include two artist weekends (March and October), as well as theme weeks devoted specifically to genre writers.